Upgrades in 3 and 4 wheel Electric Forklift

Hyundai Material Handling has thoroughly re-engineered the very successful U series of its electrically driven 3- and 4-wheel forklifts. The further development focuses on comfort, performance, and reduced energy consumption.

The 3-wheel forklifts 15BT-9U / 18BT-9U and 20BT-9U in the load capacity range from 1,500 to 2,000 kg are ready for the world market with their high-performance components. New features include the Zapi controllers of the ACE series, the Schabmüller drive motors, and the low-noise ZF drive train. The new motors are also more powerful (drive motors 2 x 5.4 kW, lifting motor 14.9kW). The Zapi ACE controllers, with IP65 protection, are taking care of the improved and more gentle control of the motors.

The electrical steering – using energy only when the steering wheel is operated, reduces energy consumption by up to 33%. The steering feedback control is proportional to the travel speed which ensures safe and comfortable travelling up to 16 km/h. Another excellent new feature is the auto parking function which enables the electromagnetic brakes as soon as the accelerator pedal is being released. This safety feature prevents the truck from rolling backwards on gradients and ramps when idle.

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