Leading the age of Hydrogen Energy

Energy of the future is what they call Hydrogen energy. t sounds a little unfamiliar but each industry is making a serious move, poised to utilize hydrogen as a main source of energy in the future. 

Why hydrogen energy?

Hydrogen, atomic number 1 on the periodic table of elements, is everywhere. Hydrogen accounts for about 75% of all masses in the universe. It is the third most common element after oxygen and silicon on the surface of the Earth. Hydrogen is highly flammable, and runs a risk of explosion when mixed with the air. But technologies that reduce such risks have recently been developed, making its use quite safe.

In February 2020, HCE, Hyundai MOBIS, and Hyundai Motor Company held an MOU signing ceremony, committing themselves to the joint development of construction equipment applying hydrogen fuel cells. Seven months later in September, HCE succeeded in developing a hydrogen fuel cell-powered forklift prototype.

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